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Most trusted car accident lawyer Toronto, Ontario. Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto

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We know that a car accident injury is emotionally and financially stressful. Learning your rights after the accident is a confusing and overwhelming process. Accident consulting services will ensure that you are well informed on what to expect. We will assist you in learning your legal rights as well as refer you to the best medical clinics specializing in treating car accident victims.

Do you know that you might be entitled to receive substantial financial compensation from your insurance company as a result of a motor vehicle accident?

You might also be eligible to receive the following benefits:


Income replacement benefits

Medical and rehabilitation

Non-earner benefits

Attendant care

Caregiver benefits

Housekeeping benefits

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“My sister referred me to Accident Consulting Services after her personal experience. I was extremely impressed with how easy the process was, the medical care I got and the compensation I received”

Maria W


“The staff at Accident Consulting Services were friendly and professional. They were able to set me up with excellent medical treatment and made sure I received the best settlement possible”



“I was pretty confused after my car accident and your service helped me understand exactly what I was eligible for. Setting up an appointment was quick and easy and I received the maximal financial compensation available. I have already referred 2 of my friends to you and would definitely use your service in the future”

Robert O


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